Event Hosting

Events.af hosts your physical events online. It is aggregating thousands of events through different events that makes it extremely convenient for your event attendees to register, reserve tickets, invite friends and family, share photos and videos and promote it through social media. If you are planning an event, we can help you create your event page, register now.

Event Promotion and Advertising

Events.af can assist in promoting your event online. We help you post and disseminate information including your event program, speakers, photos and videos and other promotional material.
Events.af also spreads the word out through social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and through email and SMS alter systems.


Events.af helps organizers secure sponsorships through renowned private sector companies and sponsoring institutions. To sponsor an event or get sponsored please click here.


Registering for an Event

Events.af not only provides you with a platrom to post your event online, but also an opportunity to browse and register for your favorate events online. Each event hosted with us has a participant registration form linked to the host agency website and online participant approval system.

Event Fee Collection

Events.af payment system helps event organizers collect participant fee for their paid events. Our electronic payment system is fast and secure.


Events.af helps participants locate hotels, restaurents, shopping malls, hostoric monoments and various other services and facilities they can enjoy visiting while attending an event. We can help our participants book hotels and accomodations.